I will admit right now that I’m not a regular listener of Michael Savage so I know very little about him other than the fact that he tends to be rude and rather harsh. Nor do I know who this Ann Coulter woman is. I have seen her name in various places, but have never found out who she was. Last night I was listening to Savage Nation and he played a clip of Ms. Coulter who made some comments about her desire to convert Jews to Christianity. Her choice of words were not all that friendly and in fact I found them to be pretty demeaning. She said “we just want Jews to be perfected…” which on one hand can be an honest desire for the conversion of the Jews, but it simply didn’t come out that way. Due to the tone of her voice and her choice of words she sounded more like she was claiming that Christians were perfect. I hope she doesn’t actually feel that way because Christians are far from perfect.

All the while Savage is bashing on Ms. Coulter for her statement and ranting about what a bad person she is, even calling her names. Then he cuts off every caller who disagreed with him, even a Jewish man who felt Savage was being harsh. This all after his rant about the lack of religious tolerance in our country. He complained about the “Muslims” who want to convert Christians and the “Christians” who want to convert Jews and how intolerable it is to desire to convert a Christian to Islam or a Jew to Christianity. Then he treats every one of his callers who disagrees with him like trash. It is scary to think that more than 10 million people are listening to this guy on a regular basis.

The fact of the matter is that our nation, and our world, has been infected with one of the worst (possibly the worst) diseases on our planet. That disease is self-righteousness. This is why people are inclined to proselytize everyone else. This is why people like Ann Coulter are making comments like “we just want Jews to be perfected…” This is why people like Michael Savage are ranting about people like Ann Coulter. This is one major reason why our world is in a downward spiral. It won’t end until we let our self-righteousness go and begin to forgive and love one another and open our eyes to the fact that we may all very well be wrong. This is the path to understanding.